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Project Haiti

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Welcome to The Humanity Projects

We believe that the best way to empower others is to teach them how to empower themselves. We provide life-changing efforts locally and internationally.

Our Progress

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4.3 million Haitians lack access to safe water

Haiti is considered a water-stressed country. Clean water is essential to prevent contaminated water-related diseases, like cholera. Clean water keeps bodies healthy so children can attend school and adults can provide for their families.
(source: WHO/UNICEF 2012 Joint Monitoring Programme)

What We’ve Done So Far



Orphaned Kids Given Access to Water

Community Members Impacted

Approximately only 5% of rural areas in Haiti have access to electricity

Only an estimated 25% of the population originally had electricity services – leaving some 7 million people without power. After the January 2010 earthquake, the combined technical and commercial losses of electricity were approximately 75%. Help The Humanity Projects improve their standard of living.
(source: World Bank)

What We’ve Done So Far

Electrical System


Orphaned Kids Given Light

Community Members Impacted

100,000 Haitian children under five years of age suffer from acute malnutrition

Haiti is the poorest country in the northern hemisphere. We can still make an impact. Help The Humanity Projects continue our efforts in Haiti.
(source: United Nations World Food Programme)

What We’ve Done So Far

Truck Loads of Food & School Supplies


Orphanages Given Food & School Supplies

Meals Served

Our Solution

Through our various international and domestic programs, we’re giving critical resources and beneficial opportunities to build a better humanity.

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